When the weather is nice, we go outside and have a good time together!

Bring Fire To Life with the bbq products from Fire-Up!

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Specialist in environmentally friendly firelighters, charcoal and briquettes

Only firelighters are recommended by the Dutch Burn Center in Beverwijk, Groningen and Rotterdam.

No good weather accidents with Fire-Up's sustainable firelighters, made from natural resources: FSC wood and vegetable oil.

Of course, you will also find Fire-Up charcoal, briquettes and other related BBQ items.

For purchasing environmentally friendly firelighters and charcoal briquettes, Fire-Up B.V. is the place to be. While our company previously focused on offering an extensive range for 'outdoor living & cooking', we now focus on a core range of fire-related products for stoves, fireplaces and barbecues, among others. The environment is very important to us. Therefore, we only sell high quality sustainable products such as sustainable and natural charcoal briquettes and firelighters.

Sustainable business: firelighters & charcoal briquettes from Fire-Up

Not only does Fire-Up International B.V. offer sustainable products such as firelighters and charcoal briquettes. The fact that we want to make a contribution to improving the environment is also reflected in our business operations. Innovation is central to us, as is offering the highest quality. At the same time, sustainability and environmental friendliness are important focal points for our entrepreneurship. We think about the future; yours too!

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