Over Fire-Up International B.V.

Fire-Up International B.V. has invested in new premises with the most innovative production line and corresponding new packaging lines, for the production and packaging of our natural, sustainable (brown) firelighters. With a close-knit team, Fire-Up International B.V. has been operating in the market for more than 30 years. In 2006, Peko B.V. was given a new name - Fire-Up International B.V. This name is related to the Fire-Up product name. The in the previous years extensive assortment for "outdoor living & cooking", is reduced to a core assortment: Fire-related products for stove, fireplace and barbecue. Environmentally friendly firelighters, charcoal and charcoal briquettes are the main components.


Fire-Up International (FUI) presents itself as the specialist in fire-related products for the fireplace, barbecue, stove and other related products. Its wide, specialized range features high durability*, quality and is easy and safe to use, with environmentally friendly aspects, which largely determine the composition of the range. FUI aims to achieve an optimal balance between the production and sales of its products and strives to be the most sustainable* trading partner for wholesale and retail in the Benelux. In and outside Europe, FUI wants to profile itself as the producer and supplier of sustainable* and environmentally friendly lighting products.

Footnote: * In a sustainable world, people, environment and economy must be in balance. The earth must be able to continue to support our total consumption in the long run . In a NOT sustainable situation, our natural resources are taken from the earth faster than we can regenerate them. (Source: Dutch Consumer Association)

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Fire-Up International (FUI) distinguishes itself by striving for the highest possible level of corporate sustainability* in its operations and its products, with the best possible quality, innovation, comfort, sustainability, safety and environment being key focus areas.

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Footnote: * Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Sustainable business or corporate social responsibility is a form of business aimed at economic performance (profit), while respecting the social side (people), within ecological constraints. (Source: Wikipedia)

Manufacturing firelighters

The production of firelighters has been further optimized and professionalized. The focus is entirely on the production of environmentally friendly (brown) firelighters with Europe as the main sales area. The existing production machines have been completely overhauled and new production and packaging machines have been installed. Fire-Up International has spent a lot of time and care on the production process. More information can be found here.

Purchase and sale of trade goods

With regard to the trading activities of Fire-Up International B.V., the focus is placed on fire-related products for stove, fireplace and barbecue. A reorganization of the Fire-Up product range is the result of this. A high-quality core range for supermarkets, DIY companies, garden centers, catering wholesalers, department stores and other related industries in the Netherlands and Belgium will be offered at competitive prices. This also resulted in a complete adaptation of the Fire-Up house style, of which the packaging is a part.


Fire-Up International values the environment, sustainability and safety. Wherever possible, environmentally friendly, sustainable products will be chosen, which are as safe as possible in production and use. Read more about how Fire-Up International handles sustainability here..

Fire-Up International now and in the future

With a new company building equipped with high-quality technical production and packaging facilities, Fire-Up International B.V. is completely ready to perfectly meet the current and future needs of its current and new customers. We would like to challenge you to prove it! Take a look at contact with us so we can see how we can be of service to you.