Fire-Up International B.V. is a producer of environmentally friendly (brown) firelighters composed of natural raw materials: FSC® wood fibers impregnated with organic oil. The wood fibers come mainly from residual parts of pinewood. The organic oil is of vegetable origin.

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Improved process

Fire-Up International has spent much time devising an improved process for large-scale production of its natural firelighters. Much attention has been paid to producing with the most modern techniques, thereby increasing output while maintaining quality. With these advanced techniques, Fire-Up International is even better able to tailor its products to customer requirements. In addition, the quality of each kindling will be even more constant.


In order to package kindling and tablets properly, modern packaging lines have been installed. These are capable of filling, sealing and placing in a carton, display or tray a range of packaging of various types and sizes, quickly and effortlessly.

State of the art

Fire-Up International is proud to confirm that it once again has a complete "state of the art" manufacturing and packaging facility for making the well-known environmentally friendly firelighters for fireplace, stove and barbecue. Fire-Up International will continue to strive to keep its products as environmentally friendly, sustainable and safe as possible. This applies not only to the method of production and packaging, but also to the choice of materials and method of use.

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