Environment, sustainability and safety: Fire-Up International is committed to the environment, sustainability and safety. Where possible, environmentally friendly, sustainable products will be chosen, which are as safe as possible in production and use. Of course, the quality of our products must not be compromised. In addition, Fire-Up International strives to keep its own organization: The production site, office and warehouses as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible and to act accordingly. Fire-Up International has created its own quality manual for its organization. Some actions that confirm this are:

  • All wood materials used by Fire-Up International have been FSC® or PEFC® certified for more than 15 years;

  • In 2008, Fire-Up International decided to be the first manufacturer of firelighters to no longer use kerosene in its manufactured (brown) Fire-Up firelighters, but only organic oil/wax; thus: Not derived from raw materials with mineral oil origin;

  • In 2009, Fire-Up International conducted research to avoid using GMO (Genetically modified organism) in its materials if possible;

  • Fire-Up International primarily uses water-based inks for its printing;

  • As of 2010, Fire-Up International was already able to import FSC® charcoal however, there was no market for it yet; now there is;

  • In addition, Fire-Up International introduced coconut briquettes into the Dutch and Belgian markets early on. The coconut briquettes are made from the shells of the coconut, which was a waste product. These briquettes are characterized by their high calorific value and long burn time;

  • In 2011, Fire-Up International received European REACH certification for charcoal and charcoal briquettes. With this certification, Fire-Up International can and may independently purchase charcoal and charcoal briquettes within and outside Europe, destined for the European market. Non REACH certified companies are legally in violation if they do so and purchase from a non-REACH certified company within and outside Europe.

  • In May 2014, Fire-Up International became the first firelighters manufacturer to declare it no longer uses palm oil in its Fire-Up firelighters.

  • Fire-Up International has hardly any waste streams in its production and is trying to reduce them even further;

  • Through good building insulation and conscious choice of production method and internal logistics, Fire-Up International heats its production site primarily with waste heat from production;

  • Fire-Up International joined a group of Dutch and Belgian entrepreneurs in 2012 who, with the cooperation of the government, are dedicated to the development and production of "bio-based" products;

  • Simple mile-saving and sustainable practicality.